When my kiddos were young, and when I’d take ALL of them (minus one…) anywhere, I’d have to “count heads” to reassure myself I was keeping track of my brood. My tribe. My quiver. My lovelies.

My darlings.

My late mother spoke of her six daughters often. And while I remember being called “Darling Daughter Number 5,” it was quite endearing to me that her pastor asked each of us when we met about her memorial service, “Which Darling Daughter are you?”

We rage against being “merely a number” in this digital age. Really. I am more than a number, damnit!


To my mother, my deeply loving mother, I was always a significant number in a precious quiver:

I was Darling Daughter #5. Aletra.

No less significant than Darling Daughter #1, nor more significant than Darling Daughter #6.

One of Sylvia’s Darling Daughters.




I love and miss you. Mom.

©Aja Hart, 2015 (DD#5)