“So, what does Aja do for fun?” one of my crew members asked me one morning.

“Um…,” I started.  “Hmmm…I drink,” I joked.

At first, having to stop what I was doing — to think about what I do that is not related to work — was quite uncomfortable.

I confess, I had to think way too long about it. Stopping to consider that my identity was tied too closely to my job annoyed me a bit. I love my life.  I’m happy; so I must do something for fun.

Really, though, I am far too tired on the first day of my weekend — or even after a day’s shift — to think in terms of “entertainment.” I usually spend a few minutes playing a game on my phone while I sip on a beer. That’s more routine than it is entertainment, though, right?

Scanning my brain now, I asked myself, “What do I do for fun?”

I know that spending 24+ years with a socially anxious and awkward fellow yanked me out of any social circles I knew. Now, I sometimes actually go out for a glass of wine with friends.

Yet that wasn’t the answer to “What does Aja do for fun?”

It came to me the next day when I was being random and playful with my crew: what I do for fun…is laugh.

Every day.

In the same way that puppies and kittens play, with random, sneak attacks and the “play with me” energy, I seize every appropriate opportunity to have fun, to laugh about little things that most people don’t notice. Never at the expense of others, but often at my own expense because I simply don’t take myself too seriously.

I’ve been told by one, “I’ve never known anyone who laughs as much as you do. It’s pretty amazing.”

That is what I do for fun. Any and every chance I get.

I laugh. It’s my favorite thing.

© Aja Hart, 9.16.2015