I must figure this out.

I must discover how I revert to tolerating behaviors and opinions around me that are blatantly incongruous to my nature, and why I revert to allowing the pollution into my life.

Ornery language. Shallow observations. Insensitive remarks.

Absence of the positive. Of joy. Of gratitude.

It has been said that Pisces (by the way, that is likely as much as one will ever hear me speak of astrology) get along with everybody. I scoff at that; I certainly don’t get along with everybody…but those with whom I don’t get along usually don’t know it.

Is that a Pisces thing?

My journey through this adulting business keeps bringing me to a shoreline where the evidence of erosion is plentiful; the waters have left upon the sand — for the millionth time — shells and stones so softened by ebb and flow of tides that Nature’s initial design is long lost.

The fullness of beauty that once was, is now a remnant.

I must purposefully watch for this process; I must determine to evolve personally without permitting the erosion of my essence.

So that not all is lost.

©Aja Hart, 5.30.16