I learned as a child that culpability is subjective.

There’s something to be said about the discord of sibling relationships…and how that discord provides one with opportunities to become an individual.

I grew up with many sisters; I was “set up” for some crap by my one of the older ones, and then suffered consequences of the corporal sort when our parents happened upon my situation as it was. What does a 6-year-old say at that moment? “So-and-so did this and left me here to take the blame?” No. It never flew.

As a result, I developed some defense mechanisms over the decades, but mostly, for some wild reason, my modus operandi has remained, in all roles, to trust — to a fault — until the very first time one proved he/she was unworthy of that privilege.

So I’m here. I’ve made choices to trust, and give, and give more, and trust where trust has seemed foolish.

Oh, man, the foolishness.

My choices, my consequences.

My pain.

My growth.

My journey.

I’ve squared my shoulders. I’m doing this.

©6.15.17 Aja Hart