I do not sleep in the middle of my bed.

I sleep on one side only. Even since my divorce, I have slept, by habit, on only one side of my bed, and use the other for my “do it tomorrow” stuff, like rotating the contents of my gym bag, or for my computer after doing a bit of writing, or for my carefully placed, clean laundry (because…clearly, a ten foot walk to the closet for hangers is unreasonable tonight).

In essence, half of my bed is always made.

Tonight, I’m thinking I might like to learn how to “starfish.”

To sleep on all of my bed, just because I can.

Because, for 27 years I have slept in a bed of virtual twin-size.

What am I waiting for? What’s my hold out?

Tonight. It’s mine. All mine.

I shall starfish tonight, even though I usually sleep on my back and motionless, as a mummy.

If nothing else, I’ll sleep as a mummy in the middle of my big ol’ bed.

©6.16.17, Aja Hart