My birth name is Aletra, but I go by “Aja-lexa” now for reasons very significant to me. I lived in Colorado into my teens then moved to Vegas; my ex and I didn’t like the idea of raising kids there, though, so we moved to the most beautiful region on the West Coast.

Looking healthyI live in the Pacific Northwest with five of my six children (see my Seven Years, Eight Thanksgivings post for more info on my other-worldly-dweller, Riál).

Laughter is absolutely the most wonderful gift I have to offer my children. I love that we can be silly around one another without fearing the cricket chirps and resounding dead silence when others don’t “get” us.

I am a single mother who fully embraces the challenges of single parenthood. I was doing the two-hat parent thing for a long time anyway, but now it is ALL ME on paper as well. I say, “Bring it!” This journey is laden with challenges I’d never imagined when I first married. Looking back, I’d have made some changes long ago that might not have stunted my personal growth as such. Yet here I am. I’m doing this!